Hippo Insurance Comparison is a Telesure Group company born with the mission to offer customers free quotes for insuring their cars by purchasing premiums of up to 17 different suppliers, thus encouraging competition and competitive pricing in the insurance market and helping the customer make a good purchase.


Hippo Insurance Comparison is the first South African company to launch its online aggregator, Hippo.co.za, to make it easier than ever to decide on your car insurance.


Hippo.co.za uses state-of-the-art technology to offer customers the best deal. Its web services are managed by the top and experienced web developers, which means that customers always have the best experience and that the offers are always competitive. The offers offered by Hippo.co.za are drawn directly from their suppliers, which means that they always offer you the best offer from these providers.


Hippo.co.za partners include a wide range of insurance, finance and other South African brands. Hippo’s partners are carefully selected and always strive to add more partners to give the best deal to customers.

This value proposition for Hippo.co.za online customers was proven when they won the 2017 Feefo Trusted Award, an independent seal of excellence that recognizes businesses for delivering exceptional experiences, evaluated by real customers.


Hippo’s comprehensive car insurance guide

If you need a form of insurance that covers almost any type of financial loss related to your car, then Comprehensive Car Insurance is for you. This is the most extensive form of insurance and covers you in the event of theft, theft, loss and/or damage caused by an accident, fire and natural calamity and claims against you by third parties in which you are responsible for the damage to their vehicle.

Because this form of insurance covers all the bases and protects you from all unforeseen events, it is the most expensive option. However, the best way to find the right car insurance option for you is to think and compare offers. Hippo.co.za has a wide range of providers available for comparison when looking for comprehensive car insurance.


Why should you consider comprehensive car insurance?

With this type of coverage, you can claim from your insurance provider even when an accident is your fault. You can also ask if the error cannot be proven. Without this kind of coverage, you risk having to pay yourself for repairs, whether it’s your car or someone else’s.

Comprehensive car insurance also covers you for damage from fire and natural disasters and gives you cover for theft. It assures you that in the event of a severe accident and your car is damaged, your insurance company will pay an amount equal to its value before it is damaged. This type of cover gives you extra protection as well as peace of mind that you won’t have to eliminate for expensive repairs or replacement costs because you will have to pay the excess in the insurance policy.


Third-party car insurance, fire and theft

Third-party and theft insurance provides coverage for damage to other parties and their property if you are responsible for an accident. It also covers the cost of your car if it is stolen or damaged in the event of hijacking, theft or fire.

What are third party insurance, fire and theft?

Third party car insurance, fire and theft is a basic form of car insurance that provides coverage for accidental damage caused by another person’s vehicle. In addition, your car is covered in the event of theft, hijacking or fire. This type of insurance does not extend coverage for accidental damage to your own vehicle.

The cost of third party insurance, fire and theft

Third-party car insurance, fire and theft are usually a little cheaper than comprehensive car insurance because it does not cover damage or loss to your vehicle in the event of an accident. In this case, you must pay for repairs and/or spare parts yourself.

If you want to get an extra level of protection, it is best to get comprehensive car insurance. Depending on your needs, comprehensive car insurance may be cheaper because it covers more. If your car is cheap to repair or you don’t drive very often or for long periods at a time, third-party insurance, fire and theft may be more appropriate.

Doing research

As with any product or service you want to buy, it is always best to do your research and compare prices and features before making the final choice. Weigh the advantages and disadvantages of each product according to your needs, so that you do not find yourself in a potentially harmful financial situation. Compare offers from a wide range of providers on Hippo.co.za and find the best deal for you.

Third-party car insurance

Third-party car insurance offers a basic and even more accessible form of coverage for your car, covering the damage you have caused to other parties and their property if you are responsible for an accident.

What is third party car insurance?

Third-party car insurance provides a more affordable, basic form of coverage that covers the damage you can cause to another vehicle in the event of an accident. While costs vary from company to company, repair costs are typically covered, minus your excess. If your car is damaged by self-injury, you will need to cover the costs of repair or replacement yourself. Third-party car insurance covers the fees if your car is damaged by another vehicle.

What does third party car insurance cover?

This type of insurance does not cover damage or loss to your vehicle in the event of an accident. In this case, you must pay for repairs and/or spare parts yourself. It is important to note that if you are involved in an accident that is not your fault, you can sue against the person who caused it.

Who is the most suitable third party car insurance?

This type of car insurance is most suitable for people who have an older or low-value vehicle, which is ideally already paid or who do not drive their vehicle very often or over very long distances. This minimizes the potential risk of being involved in an accident or paying for the high costs of repair or replacement parts.

Who is a third party?

If you opt for this type of car insurance, you need to know what exactly and who exactly covers. The third party is the person whose vehicle was damaged due to your actions and who files an insurance claim against you. The first part is you, the insured person, and the second part is your insurance company that solves any claims arising.


Hippo.co.za is free to use and free of charge. The company makes money by directly paying its partners when a customer chooses to find out more about its products. The business prides itself on being impartial and impartial, does not favour any of its brands, because its mission is to provide customers with the best insurance and financial business.

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