Almost everyone needs car insurance, but not everyone knows how to get the best deals at the lowest price. Some people think that it is nearly impossible to obtain cheap car insurance; in the meantime, you can get the coverage you need without draining your wallet.


Hundreds of insurance companies, big and small, are at stake for your business. Many have a wide range of policy options, which makes it difficult to compare policies and find out who offers lower car insurance rates.


Evaluating an insurance company depends on what you see as “most important.” What is important to you? Different elements of the cover appeal to people at different times in their lives. What coverage will you need when you get married? Do you have children? Do you work away from home? Or are you retired?


Another thing to consider when looking at car insurance companies in your budget and how much you earn. Average car insurance rates will give you considerate coverage. South African car insurance companies can provide you with basic coverage, but if you want more than the basics, you will need to reveal your expectations and needs.

Just because a particular insurance company has the reputation of being affordable, it does not mean that there are no other cheaper insurance companies. Don’t let anyone convince you totally that they are the most economical. The only way to find out the cheapest insurances is to search them yourself. Below are some cheap car insurance companies in South Africa.



Car insurance is so easy with Outsurance. It is all about providing customers with world-class services so that it makes it easy for customers to get car insurance.

Their online form requires you to fill in just a few personal details, click submit and wait just a few seconds. You will receive car insurance quotes that will be amazingly suited to your specific needs.


Outsurance has designed car insurance packages to guarantee that you will always be insured. Their well-trained advisers are knowledgeable and are more than capable of helping you get the best car insurance product available for your unique insurance needs and always at affordable prices.


AA is a trusted and well-respected brand in South Africa when it comes to AA car insurance. And it offers affordable insurance with several solutions, including car insurance options.

AA, as a company, enjoys a good, clean record and is a highly appreciated and profoundly respected service provider with numerous products that assist its extensive membership for travellers both within and outside South Africa. This is a distinct advantage for those travellers who travel regularly; Also, the costs are affordable.

Four options from AA Insurance

AA car insurance – Comprehensive Insurance

This type of insurance offers the most extensive coverage that includes theft, hijacking, loss or damage caused by accidents, fires, hail and floods. Comprehensive insurance also refers to third party claims if the client was liable for damages. Due to the extensive coverage, this insurance is the most expensive coverage for vehicles.

AA car insurance – Third party insurance, theft and fire

The main difference between fire and theft from third parties is that it does not cover accidental damage to a vehicle. AA Insurance covers car losses caused by theft, hijacking or fire. It also covers damage to the vehicle of a third party. The insurance does not cover car accidents caused directly by the customer, which means that you will have to cover the costs of repair or replacement.

AA car insurance – third party insurance only

Third-party insurance is the cheapest of the three options and provides coverage for damage to another vehicle (third party), as well as coverage for accidental death or injury to third parties involved in the accident. This option does not cover loss or damage to your vehicle in accidents, fires or theft.

AA car insurance – Off-road vehicle coverage

AA also offers off-road vehicle coverage, which is a special package with additional features and benefits where needed. Customers automatically become AA members, and insurance coverage will extend to vehicles travelling in neighbouring countries.


Budget has four different car insurance products, from the comprehensive car insurance for your financed vehicle to the most cost-effective third party coverage to choose from; most of these policies also include many assistance benefits.

Comprehensive car insurance

This is the whole package. With comprehensive car insurance, you can claim car theft, any accidental damage and even accidental damage to third party property.

Third parties, fire and theft

Third-party, fire and theft allow you to claim theft of the car, as well as for specific breakdowns specified in the car. You can also claim damages that you accidentally caused to the property of another party; however, it does not cover accidental damage to your car.

Only for third parties

Third-Party only is best suited for cars that are fully paid and of low value. With this coverage, you will be able to claim damages that you have caused to the property of another party for which you are legally liable.


Santam is a short-term reliable insurance company. This company, founded in 1918, offers a wide range of products, including several car insurance packages. Their primary purpose is to ensure that South Africans and their companies get value for their money.

Vehicle insurance coverage options:

Comprehensive: accidental loss or damage to a vehicle, including third-party liability. Proper and adequate insurance now offers guaranteed value insurance, which guarantees what you will be paid if your car is stolen or stolen.

Limited (fire and theft): accidental loss of vehicle damage, including third-party liability – only if loss or damage is as a result of fire, lightning, explosion, theft or attempted theft.

Third-party only: this covers the amount for which you are legally liable to a third party (if the liability relates to the vehicle).


Dial Direct offers car insurance for all types of vehicles, from vans to regular salons. The company also provides insurance for motorcycle owners, caravans, trailers, golf carts and even water vessels.

Comprehensive car insurance

The comprehensive car insurance covers for theft, accident, third parties, windscreen, flood and fire and you can choose to include hail coverage in your policy. You can also be sure that your vehicle will receive the highest quality care if it needs repairs, and all repairs come with a lifetime warranty.

Automatic off-road insurance

As with the standard coverage for comprehensive plans, the off-road is the right choice if you are an adventurous person who is using 4X4. Get all the benefits of comprehensive car insurance, such as theft, accident, fire, flood coverage and more.

Third-party insurance, fire and theft

Signing up for third party insurance, fire and theft cover for vehicle theft, third party damage, towing and storage and you can choose to add a windshield, cover and sound system to your policy.

Third-party insurances only

This is a basic cover that will help you if you accidentally damage someone else’s property. But even this cover has something extra for you; if you have a sweet sound system in your car, you can add it to your third-party policy.


Getting the cheapest car insurance is something that needs to be reviewed every few years, if not more. Car insurance always changes with trends and future needs. Talk to your insurance agent for a review of your policy, and if you don’t like the results, call for some comparisons.

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